Saturday, 24 November 2012

Rendezvous on the first floor...

This is Rendezvous Studio on the first floor where we recorded 'Feel So Young' on the 1st of September 1983. We had real problems as we'd hired their Linndrum which would not send a gate signal to our MS20 so the engineer spent a long time figuring out a patch that would make this happen. I also had to learn how to program it and load in the sequences manually before we could start recording.
We had hoped to do three songs that day but ended up with only doing one.

These are examples of the home made pattern sheets I'd made up, with the aid of lettraset, a ruler and a photocopier, to record all the sequences from the TR606. These included trigger notation for the Pro One and MS20. The sheets proved invaluable as we tended to use the whole capacity of the 606 for every song.