Saturday, 30 March 2013

Reel to Real

Quarter inch 2 track reel to reel backing tapes.
These old tapes had been sat in a cardboard box and shunted from house to house for the last thirty years ending up in Dominic's garage before we had them baked and digitised at Great Bear Studios in Bristol last August 2012. We hadn't realised that magnetic tape deteriorates and begins to chemically break down. Adrian at Great Bear did a fantastic job of restoring and digitising these tapes for us which contained backing material for 17 songs.

One inch 8 track recording of Feel so Young.
Similarly our 8 track recording that we made at Rendezvous studio in 1983 was baked and digitised for us in November at FX studio in London. This was great for re-mastering as our original master tape was kept by the record company who produced Abstract and we only had one copy of this song on cassette.

We have since Christmas been restoring the music on these tapes to its original clarity, replacing missing parts and giving it the treatment we thought it deserved after so much neglect. 
With the help of engineer Will Angeloro who has re-mixed the music with us and mastered it to a level we hadn't thought possible.