Saturday, 8 June 2013

Back stage at the Merlin 1982

LCL (Aquarium), Absolute End and The Shakin' Quiffs play Merlin Theatre, 1982...

Aquarium (aka LCL), Sam Findlay and Dominic O'Brien on synthesisers. This was Laugh Clown Laugh's first gig. They had three or four weeks to get a set together with their new equipment thanks to the invitation of Steve Whitehouse to support them at The Merlin. They got five or six instrumentals together including Aquarium from which the first name of the band was taken and a version of Give it back before lyrics were added.

Absolute End are from left to right, Luke Piper who now runs G-stages, then Paul Williams who used to play guitar in The Shakin Quiffs, then Rob Perkins in the suit who is an actor and played Sgt. Steele in The Bill and was in something about the Scarlett Pimpernel with Richard E Grant. Lastly is Jason Cooper who plays drums for The Cure and has been with them for 10 or 15 years or so!

The Shakin' Quiffs are Steve Whitehouse double bass (Frenzy), Gavin Lusby guitar (Kill Van Helsing) and on drums Paul Hodges who lives in Spain now and occasionally still plays with the Sharks.

Thanks to Gav for the band info.

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